Full Eesti Laul voting results revealed

Estonian broadcaster ERR have released the full results of the jury and televoting for both semi finals and the final of Eesti Laul 2014. You can see the scores and a brief analysis below:

Semi Final 1

SongJury VoteTelevoteTotal
Lenna – Supernoova108 (1639 votes)18
Tanja – Amazing710 (3079 votes)17
Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band – Maybe Maybe89 (2676 votes)17
Kõrsikud – Tule ja jää97 (1460 votes)16
Wilhelm – Resignal66 (1065 votes)12
NimmerSchmidt – Sandra34 (506 votes)7
VÖÖRAD – Maailm on Hull15 (948 votes)6
The Titles – Flame42 (312 votes)6
State of Zoe – Solina51 (235 votes)6
August Hunt – Kus on EXIT?23 (462 votes)5

In the first semi-final, the public voted ultimately the same as the final result of the superfinal with Tanja getting the top public score and Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band coming in second. In this semi-final we see although the jury and public did not quite agree on exact placings, the top 5 were unanimously agreed upon by both jury and audience. A total of 12382 votes were cast in the first semi-final.

Semi Final 2

SongJury VoteTelevoteTotal
Sandra Nurmsalu – Kui tuuled pöörduvad810 (2662 votes)18
Traffic – Für Elise108 (1717 votes)18
Norman Salumäe – Search96 (958 votes)15
Maiken – Siin või sealpool maad67 (1321 votes)13
Brigita Murutar – Laule täis taevakaar29 (2159 votes)11
Nion – Muud Pole Vaja45 (834 votes)9
MiaMee – Fearful Heart72 (397 votes)9
Lauri Pihlap – Lootus53 (620 votes)8
Maltised – Elu14 (720 votes)5
Sofia Rubina31 (379 votes)4

In this semi-final we have two results that do not match. While the jury found Brigita Murutar’s song to be the second worst of the night, the audience at home voted it into the second highest placing. Similarly, while the jury quite enjoyed MiaMee’s ‘Fearful Heart’, the public did not share this sentiment letting it fall to 9th place. As a result, MiaMee is the only jury favoured entry this year not to make it to the final. A total of 11767 votes were cast in the second semi-final, 615 fewer than in the first.


SongJury VoteTelevoteTotal
Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band – Maybe Maybe1010 (11940 votes)20
Tanja – Amazing79 (10580 votes)16
Traffic – Für Elise87 (5433 votes)15
Lenna – Supernoova95 (2941 votes)14
Sandra Nurmsalu – Kui tuuled pöörduvad28 (10434 votes)10
Norman Salumäe – Search54 (2347 votes)9
Brigita Murutar – Laule täis taevakaar16 (2965 votes)7
Kõrsikud – Tule ja jää43 (2256 votes)7
Wilhelm – Resignal61 (1525 votes)7
Maiken – Siin või sealpool maad32 (1769 votes)5

For only the second time in the six year run of Eesti Laul the public and jury agreed on the top placed song, funnily enough the last time this happened (in 2010) the song that got a perfect 20 then went on to lose the superfinal (Lenna falling to Malcolm Lincoln). In regards to the televote, most singers fell relatively similar to their positions in the semi-finals with those gaining 6 and 7 points ending up around the bottom, 8 around the middle with 9 and 10’s ending up around the top. The most notable exception being Brigita Murutar who fell from a top two placing in her semi to the middle of the pack in the final. In the first round of voting there was a total of 52190 votes cast.


Tanja – Amazing53%
Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band – Maybe Maybe47%

This is the third year of Eesti Laul where the song that has been higher in the televote in the first round of the final has then gone on to lose the superfinal (previous times being 2010 and 2013), however when the two songs met in the first semi-final, Tanja then came out on top. With 53% of the total vote in the superfinal (roughly 30354 of the 57272 votes cast) this is the second narrowest margin in the six year history of Eesti Laul after last year’s 51% victory by Birgit Õigemeel.

The prize this year not only included the ticket to Copenhagen. Both Tanja and the Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band were awarded a €1000 grant from the Estonian Performers’ Union, while Tanja as the winner received and additional €2000 grant from the Estonian Author’s Union.

All this of course means that Tanja will represent Estonia at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, taking part in the first half of Semi-Final 1 on May 6th with her song ‘Amazing’ which you can listen to below.

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