“I know I am gonna have butterflies in my stomach.” – Carla Ribeiro [Interview]

She already tried to represent Portugal back in 2011, when she entered the online selection with Só Acontece Uma Vez. She didn’t make the cut, but in 2012 she made it to Eurovision as a backing vocal for Filipa Sousa. This year she’s trying it on her own again with Mais Para Dar: Carla Ribeiro! Read what she had to say below! Hey Carla! First of all, thank you for taking the time to speak to us! How do you feel, being selected for Festival da Canção?
Carla: It is a challenge and an honor . I am very pleased with the invitation and the song.
X: Could you tell us something about yourself?
C: I’m 42 and I sing since I can remember. I am still waiting for my break !!
X: You already have a lot of experience with Festival da Canção, you’ve been a backing vocal multiple times, including 2012, when you went to Baku with Filipa Sousa and you’ve also tried on your own in the internet selection with Só Acontece Uma Vez in 2011. Do you think your experience will help you in 2014?
C: Experience always helps you not to be so nervous,anyway I know I am gonna have butterflies in my stomach. It is always a very big responsability to represent someones song and your country.
X: What would it mean to you if you would represent Portugal in Copenhagen?
C: National and international recognition. And I loved Baku and all the eurovision environment!
X: Judging from performances on A Voz de Portugal, de Portuguese version of The Voice, you quite like rock music. Will Mais Para Dar also be rock?
C: It is rock yes! Soft rock.
X: What is Mais Para Dar about?
C: About self esteem.
X: The composer of your song is Hélder Godinho. How did he find you?
C: Helder was Musical director in  A Voz de Portugal. I guess he trusts me ! 🙂
X: Your latest single, Work It Out, released with the pseudonym River, was in English. Will you add some English to Mais Para Dar if you win Festival da Canção?
C: It’s is yet to be analised, but it is an option yes!
X: During A Voz de Portugal, you sang Sol de Inverno, the 1965 Portuguese entry by Simone de Oliveira. Would that also be your favourite Eurovision song of all time or do you have another favourite?
C: It was my father’s favourite, it was an hommage because he died some years ago. I have many songs that I like from these 50 years of Festival.
X: Finally, do you have a message for the readers of
C: I really hope you like my song and performance and support me. Hope to see you all in Copenhagen! Hugs for all. would like to thank Carla Ribeiro for this interview. We would also like to wish her the best of luck in Saturday’s semifinal of Festival da Canção 2014.

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