Magdi Rúzsa spoke to us just before A Dal [Interview]

Magdi Rúzsa represented Hungary in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki with “Unsubstantial Blues”, where she finished 9th in the final, making that the second best result to date for Hungary in the history of this Contest. She was also one of the jury members in A Dal, the Hungarian national final both last year, and this year. She was the only jury member this year to give the maximum points to András Kállay Saunders, who ended up winning the jury votes, and the televoting as well, and will thus represent Hungary this year in Copenhagen.

We had the pleasure to speak to Magdi just before the final of A Dal was held, and we asked her about her Eurovision performance, and also asked her about the judging in A Dal, and her other projects she is working on right now. Check out what Magdi told us in the following interview:


Our collaborative articles are here! Of course, it's worth saying that our favourite entry is 🇧🇬 Sofi Marinova - Love Unlimited (2012).

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