“I want to sing on the Eurovision stage and represent the colours of Portugal” – Rui Andrade [Interview]

In our third interview leading up to Festival da Canção’s semifinal this weekend, we spoke to the man who’s hoping ‘third time lucky’ will come true. For his third participation, he worked together with Eurovision veteran Marc Paelinck: Rui Andrade! Read what he had to say below! Hey Rui! First of all, thank you for taking the time to speak to us! How are you feeling, being selected for Festival da Canção?
Rui Andrade: I’m very excited and happy of course… it’s the third time on Festival da Canção, but I think this will be my strongest participation…
X: For the readers who don’t know you, could you tell us something about yourself?
R: I am 29 years old… I was born in a small city in the north of Portugal, called Amarante… At the moment, I live and work in Lisbon… I love music, I love my family, I love my friends… and I love my country, Portugal…
X: This will be your third time in Festival da Canção, after coming third twice before in 2011 and 2012. What do you like so much in the competition?
R: Eurovision is my dream, and my goal… I want to sing on the Eurovision stage and represent the colours of Portugal 🙂
X: Your song will be called Ao teu encontro. What can we expect from that song?
R: You can expect a very emotional song… a very strong performance… a beautiful song…
X: The song was composed by Eurovision veteran Marc Paelinck. How was it to work with him on the song?
R: Marc is an incredible person, and very professional… he has a lot of experience in the Eurovision world, and I learned a lot of things from him…
X: You wrote the lyrics yourself. What was the inspiration for them?
R: The entire song talks about dreams, and how to reach those dreams… of course, the song talks about my own Eurovision dream…
X: What would it mean to you if you would win Festival da Canção?
R: The victory on Festival da Canção would mean a lot to me: the price of many months of work, and dreams… and it means I can realise my dream: go to Eurovision representing Portugal…
X: Are you a Eurovision fan?
R: Yes… I’m a Eurovision fan…
X: What’s your all time favourite Eurovision song?
R: My Eurovision dream began with one specific song, so I can call that one like my favourite… the French entry of 2001, curiously in Copenhagen… Natasha St Pier, Je n’ai que mon âme.
X: Do you have a message for the readers of
R: Thanks for all the support of the Eurovision fans… This is my dream… help me to reach my dream… 🙂 and I hope of course you like, love and believe in my voice and my song, like I believe in it… 🙂 would like to thank Rui Andrade for his answers. We would also like to wish him the best of luck in Saturday’s semifinal.

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