Raquel Guerra: “When Nuno ended the phone call I got emotional and started jumping on my working place.” [Interview]

Portugal will have its semifinal of Festival da Canção tomorrow. spoke to the woman who was selected by Nuno Feist to sing his song: Raquel Guerra! Read what she had to say below! Hey Raquel! Thank you for taking the time to talk to us! How do you feel, being selected to be in Festival da Canção 2014?
Raquel Guerra: Hello to all the followers of, fans of the Festival and Eurovision. I feel very happy and proud of being able to realise a childhood dream and step in the stage of a national and international prestigious event like Festival da Canção, especially in this celebratory moment of its 50 years’ anniversary. It’s extremely important for me to stay in the history of the Festival, it’s a very emotional phase of my life.
X: Could you tell us something about you and your music?
R: Sonhos Roubados is without a doubt a great song, with a strength and power that gives you chills that, I believe, will touch the heart of everyone the same way it touched me and emotionally grabbed me. It’s a very strong message, straight and objective where you can see the reflection of somebody’s eyes, or of all of us or of a country expressed in a open way in a song. It’s almost like a song of freedom, where you can verify in a positive way that our dreams will only be stolen is we don’t say anything.
XYou were invited to participate in Festival da Canção by Nuno Feist. How did he find you?
R: The invitation for the Festival da Canção came up after a phone call from Nuno Feist proposing this challenge of being the singer of his song in 2014, which he wrote together with Nuno Marques da Silva, to which I immediately accepted. I was very happy, because it is an honour and a privilege to be able to be part of this big team, in such big and important nationally and internationally event like Festival da Canção. Festival da Canção was a show which I’ve always watched almost without missing any year, so as a singer it has been always a dream and a big step on my career to be able to step on that stage. When I got the invitation I was overjoyed, almost couldn’t believe that finally what I so many times wished, would happen. When Nuno ended the phone call I got emotional and started jumping on my working place. It’s a dream that has come true.
X: Nuno Feist will be in Festival da Canção for the fifth time as a composer. Did his experience in the competition convince you to participate?
R: Without a doubt, Nuno Feist is a composer and a conductor of the Portuguese and International music scenery, who very prestigious and rightly so; an excellent professional, whom I always followed and admired his work. We already knew each other for at least 6 years because we worked together sometimes in television shows like “Familia Superstar”  and in some galas like “Globos de Ouro”.  Nuno Feist teamed up with the author Nuno Marques da Silva for several times to enrich our festival, in both songs and in the selection of some of the best singers we have in our music scenery like Henrique Feist, Ricardo Soler and Vanessa Silva.  For all these reasons it’s an honour today and always to be beside a person like Nuno and I’m totally confident on the excellent team, music and performance we will show, being sure we will surprise.
X: You’re not just a singer, but also an actress. What of the both do you prefer doing?
R: Music has been always my passion since I was very young, and it is an ambition and a goal that one day I will be able to survive only based on it and be able to have a strong career as a singer, I know it isn’t easy but this dream won’t be stolen from me J. Acting happened few years later in my life and in fact I ended up falling in love with it. Both are present within me, being music the most important one, but I confess that conciliate both would be the ideal, and it happens several times in Musicals, Revue and even soap operas that involve music. Without a doubt the union of both is the perfect option.
X: You’ve worked with several Eurovision participants in the past: with Luciana Abreu (2005) in soap operas and during Idolos and you did a duet with Filipa Azevedo during Familia Superstar. Did you talk to any of them after being announced as a participant in Festival da Canção?
R: I indeed worked in different shows with two young and very talented singers like Filipa and Luciana, but I didn’t talk with any of them about my participation. The people to whom I talked are the ones more close to me, my family, friends and colleagues, as far as I know Filipa is no longer living in Portugal but it’s a person to whom I have a great affection, as for Luciana it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other but I know her career has become big which you wouldn’t expect less as she is a great talented singer, recognised by everyone.
X: You released a single, Desencontros, which is a ballad with typical Portuguese elements, last year. Will your Festival da Canção 2014 song be the same sort of song?
R: I released the single Desencontros  together with the same composers last year, a very beautiful ballad to which the public has been reacting in a positive way which makes us very happy. As for the song no. 8 that we will show in Festival  da Canção 2014, many speculation has been made about what genre it will be, we prefer to leave suspense until the official song reveal, all I can say is that the song is strong and that in some way it will make show it.
X: Are you a Eurovision fan?
R: Yes since I remember to be a person I closely follow Festival da Canção and our performances in the Eurovision.
X: Do you have a favourite all time Eurovision song?
R: In national terms without a doubt out biggest diva Simone de Oliveira, in Eurovision terms I must confess that the one that pleased me was the music and performance of Loreen.
X: Finally, do you have a message for the readers of
R: To all the readers of escXtra, fans of the Festival and Eurovision I want to tell you that on the next 8th March, me and all the team of the song nº8 “Sonhos Roubados” would like you to believe in us… we will step in the stage with confidence, with all the soul and strength and with the heart full of willing of being able to trust in you on helping us to go far these dreams that belong to all of us… Delivery, Passion, Truth, Emotion, and Confidence is what we promise you 🙂
Musical Regards and Thank you to everyone who supports and believes in us because they are important pillars in this team, it’s because of you that all makes sense. would like to thank Júlio Andre for translating this interview for us. Furthermore, we would like to thank Raquel for her answers and we’d like to wish her the best of luck in Saturday’s semifinal.

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