Michael Rune: “If you want a summer hit, you need the saxophone.” [Interview]

Denmark will pick its entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 tonight. Before that, we spoke to the man who brought the saxophone into the clubs. He’ll try to win the ticket together with Natascha Bessez and their song Wanna Be Loved: it’s Michael Rune! Read what he had to say below! Hey Michael! First of all, big thanks to you for taking the time to speak to us! How do you feel being in DMGP 2014?
Michael Rune: Of Course 🙂
X: Could you tell us something about you and your music?
M: My music is in the club/dance/pop genre, always with the saxophone in focus 🙂 If you want a summer hit, you need the saxophone 🙂
X: You’re probably one of Denmark’s most famous saxophone players.  What makes this instrument so special to you?
M: Well, I just love the sound of the saxophone. I fell in love with the sax 21 years ago, and still love the sound.
X: Why do you want to go to Eurovision?
M: Here is a possibility to play for almost 200 million people. Who says no to that and the chance of winning ESC would be my biggest musical achievement.
X: Now, you’re performing your song with vocals by Natascha Bessez. Who is she and how did you two start working together?
M: Natascha is this great singer and performer from New York, whom I meet through Lars Halvor Jensen , who is one of the producers of our song “Wanna Be Loved”. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better match for me.
X: Your previous singles, Min Indre Stemme and  Væk I Natten, were in Danish. Did you consider performing your DMGP entry in Danish as well?
M: Actually I wanted to make the song in english from the start, because I feel that it needs to be more international sound, to make it in ESC.
X: What can we expect from the song and performance of Wanna Be Loved?
M: I think that “Wanna Be loved” is the perfect song for ESC, it has that whole international vibe going on and will definitely bring the summer in every home across Europe.
X: What would representing Denmark in Copenhagen mean to you?
M: It’s a scary thought, but representing Denmark would mean the world to me. Then I hope that I can make my country proud.
X: You were one of the acts being invited by DR to compete in DMGP. Did you say yes immediately?
M: Actually, this is the second time the invited me, last year it didn’t fit I my plans, but this year the timing was right.
X: Are you a Eurovision fan?
M: Yes I am. I love the whole  “let’s find the best song” and performance I Europa. And maybe I’m that one with the best song this year 🙂
X: Do you have a favourite all-time Eurovision entry?
M: I love Loreen’s Euphoria, She is an amazing singer and its was one of the best songs that has won in many years.
X: Finally, do you have a message for the readers of
M: If you love music, saxophone and a good summer vibe, please let me entertain you. Visit my facebook fan page: for more info and music 🙂 I’m hoping for your votes 🙂 would like to thank Michael Rune for his answers. We would also like to wish him the best of luck in tonight’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix.

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