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“Moj svijet” for Sergej Ćetković

Tonight, Montenegro presented its entry to the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. In a short show, presented from the Hotel Splendid in Budva, it was announved that Sergej Ćetković will perform “Moj svijet” in Copenhagen. The presentation was of the official video, rather than a live performance. The composer of the song is Sergej himself, and the lyrics were written by Emina Jahović together with Sergej. The video was shot at various locations across Montenegro, directed by Alexander Kerekes.
In interviews since November’s artist announcement, he had stated he was likely to choose a ballad. “Moj svijet” – which translates to “My world” in English – is just that, a traditional ballad, complete with flute, strings and piano. Calm choruses are followed by slightly more upbeat anthemic choruses, where an acoustic guitar and drums join the orchestration.   The song is expected to be performed in both Montenegrin and English.
Montenegro’s key aim will be to reach the final for the first time. Their best result to date was 11th in the semifinal in 2009, with Andrea Demirović performing Ralph Siegel’s “Just get out of my life”. Sergej Ćetković, 39, will perform for Montenegro in the latter half of the first semifinal on 6 May.

The English version of the song is also available here:

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