“It is a song that you would not expect at Eurovision!” – Tisha Cyrus [Interview]

The third semi-final of Belgium’s Eurosong contest will get under way later tonight, and we got the chance to speak with another of the Belgian contenders, Tisha Cyrus! Hi Tisha, thank you for taking the time to speak with us during this busy Eurosong time. Firstly well done on making it this far!
Tisha: Thank you

X: How does it feel to being one of the Belgian Eurosong finalists?
T: It is a great opportunity for a new artist like me to get a chance like this to show myself to the Belgian audience.

X: How did the opportunity to enter Eurosong come about?
T: My record label asked me if I wanted to compete in the Eurovision contest, and I said yes of course 🙂

X: For your audition you performed Dûm Tek Tek by Hadise. Why did you choose this particular
T: To be honest it was not my first choice and I wanted to bring a ballad, but the VRT asked me to chose something else so then we came up with Hadise.

X: What have you been doing so far to prepare for the live show on Sunday?
T: We are working hard with my dancers and choreographer to bring a big Tisha Cyrus show on stage this Sunday. It is hard work also vocally because I want it to be perfect, but singing means the world to me so I love every minute of it.

X: Can you tell us about your song “Kittycat”?
T: It is a song that you would not expect on the Eurovision contest but that’s what makes it so special I believe, KittyCat is the first song ever for me and it is important that people can see and hear me like Tisha Cyrus, not somebody who enters a contest and changes her personality or music to satisfy everybody. This is me as a artist and I hope people will enjoy and love Kittycat as much as I do.

X: What can we expect to see, the stage performance?
T: Just wait and see on Sunday 🙂

X: Who do you think will be your biggest competition on Sunday night?
T: Everybody who made it this far are great and Nelson is actually also represented by my manager, so I know what he will bring and I have to say his song is very powerful.

X: What other hobbies do you have? Apart from singing of course 🙂
T: I am also a model but music is my first love.

X: You were discovered through YouTube and got signed, is that correct? How was that experience for you?
T: Correct, sometimes I still can’t believe it is all real, and I realize Sunday is a very important day for me.

X: Can you tell us a bit more about you and your music career so far?
T: Well I am new to the music and showbizz and Kittycat is my first ever single. My music can be compared to Lorde or London Grammer or even Azalea Banks but with a big dose of Tisha Cyrus!

X: What would representing Belgium at Eurovision mean to you?
T: It would be a honor to represent my country on such a important music event

X: Do you have any message for your supporters and escXtra readers?
T: I just want to say that I love you all and I really hope that you will like Kittycat as much as I do!

X: Tisha thank you so much for your time, much appreciated and we wish you the best of luck on Sunday night!

To find out more about Tisha, you can find her on facebook and twitter!
Tisha will be up against Nelson, Bandits and Axel Hirsoux for a place in the Eurosong final on March 16th – make sure to tune into Één from 20:30 CET tonight.


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