Unser Song für Dänemark

Germany will be the 27th country to select their entry for Copenhagen. They’ll do that during their national final, Unser Song für Dänemark. Eight acts will compete for the ticket.
The voting procedure for tonight will consist of three phases. In the first round, all eight acts will perform their first song. Four of them will then be selected for the second round, where they will all perform a second song. Two of them will then go through to a superfinal, where the German entry for Copenhagen will finally be determined.
The running order for tonight’s first round:

  1. Das Gezeichnete Ich – Weil Du Da Bist (2nd song: Echo)
  2. Oceana – Thank You (2nd song: All Night)
  3. Santiano – The Fiddler On The Deck (2nd song: Wir Werden Niemals Untergehen)
  4. MarieMarie – Cotton Candy Hurricane (2nd song: Candy Jar)
  5. The Baseballs – Mo Hotta Mo Betta (2nd song: Goodbye, Peggy Sue)
  6. Elaiza – Is It Right? (2nd song: Fight Against Myself)
  7. Unheilig – Als Wär’s Das Erste Mal (2nd song: Wir Sind Alle Wie Eins)
  8. Madeline Juno – Like Lovers Do (2nd song: Error)

You can follow the show live via ARD, and and follow the liveblog here at

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