“I feel comfortable now anyone can understand the message” [Interview]

Eurovision fans have had a three month wait to hear the final version of Albania’s entry to the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen. Albania’s track record includes some significant reworkings, but the official video unveiled today shows that the new edit stays true to the original from Festivali i Këngës, but with one key amendment. ‘Zemërimi i një nate’ has become ‘One night’s anger’, and is sung entirely in English. In order to fit the three minute time regulation, the extended introduction has been cut, and there is a distinctively more rock sound to the final choruses.
Hersi took some time from her busy working and studying schedule to speak to escXtra about the new version of the song and her preparations for May.
escXtra: Today we got to hear ‘One night’s anger’ in its final version; are you feeling confident about it?
Hersi: Yes, I do feel confident. I feel comfortable because now I know that anyone can understand the message of the lyrics.
escXtra: That’s very true. I guess some people are loving the new version and others are not sure? It’s a wise idea to help people understand the song, but also it sounded beautiful in Albanian.
Hersi: I know people are used to the Albanian version, but I want to tell them to give me a chance, give a chance to the English version.
escXtra: It’s a different and original message compared to the love songs or party songs that are common at Eurovision. So I guess you might have a different and original stage presentation too? Are you working on the stage presentation now?
Hersi: Yes, we’re working on it at this time and I’m so excited. Right now I’m in Rome because I have to study too. This year I have to graduate.
escXtra: Wow, a busy year for you!
Hersi: Yes, in this year my dreams are becoming true. One, I will represents my Albania at the Eurovision Song Contest; two, I’m concluding my studies.
escXtra: You’ve got a stronger rock sound in the final choruses- will we see a rock band join you on stage, or maybe just a guitarist?
Hersi: Surprise!
escXtra: Haha! Any clues; you won’t be alone?..
Hersi: No, I won’t be alone. I can’t tell you any more!
escXtra: You will be one of the first entries to rehearse and first to perform on the Eurovision stage this year- are you more excited, or nervous, or are you feeling calm?
Hersi: Calm? Are you kidding? Sometimes I feel so small. I’m so excited and I can’t wait for the moment that I will sing in Copenhagen!
escXtra: Will Eurovision fans be able to see you perform your song live in Europe before the contest?
Hersi: Yes, in Amsterdam.
escXtra: We’ll be in Amsterdam, so I look forward to hopefully interviewing you face to face then!
Hersi: Simon, yes, of course we will meet in Amsterdam.
escXtra: Do you have any favourites from the other countries’ songs?
Hersi: It’s difficult because they are all such different songs. I wish Good luck to all the singers.
escXtra: You’re being super-polite; I’m sure you’re allowed to have favourites!..
Hersi: Hmm… Albania!?
escXtra: Good choice! Do you have a message you’d like to give to the readers of escXtra?
Hersi: I want to say thank you very much for your unconditional support because that makes me strong.
escXtra: Thank you for taking the time to speak to us. Have a good week and don’t work too hard!
Hersi: I’m used to always working hard!
You can see the official video for ‘One night’s anger’ below, and contrast it with the original version from Festivali i Këngës beneath that. Hersi will sing for Albania in the first half of the first semifinal on 6 May. Suksese!

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