Copenhagen 2014

Televoting results announced

RTP, the Portuguese national broadcaster, has revealed the full televoting results of the final night, which was won by Suzy with “Quero ser tua”.

Televoting was opened right after the semi final has ended, and was closed during the final show, a week after. Many questions were raised regarding the results, and there were accusations that Emanuel (the composer and the lyricist of the winning entry) has influenced the televoting results, or not.

These were the results of the final:

  1. Suzy – Quero ser tua – 41.56%
  2. Catarina Pereira – Mea Culpa – 23.58%
  3. Rui Andrade – Ao teu encontro 14.56%
  4. Zana – Nas asas da sorte – 11.39%
  5. Raquel Guerra – Sonhos roubados – 8.91%

This means that Suzy has received over 63% more than the second placed Catarina Pereira.

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