Copenhagen 2014

SBS to take care of semifinal two interval

EBU had already announced that Australia was going to take part in some way in Eurovision 2014. Earlier today, they published the first idea Australia’s broadcaster SBS has for the interval act of semifinal two in Copenhagen.
SBS has been very enthusiastic about the Eurovision Song Contest in recent times. That is why EBU decided to let them showcase their music and culture. DR has given them the right to take care of the interval act of the second semifinal.
Mikkel Bech, editorial boss of the 2014 Contest, spoke about Australia’s plans and said the following:

They will come up here with a huge display of all possible senses that represent what Australia is. They are going to work visually with what Europe means to them and what Australia means to us in Europe, so it is going to be big and spectacular โ€“ and it is going to involve a lot of humour.

EBU and SBS have not yet announced who will perform during Australia’s act.

Nick van Lith

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