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Two weeks after releasing the video clip and premiering the Armenian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, Aram MP3 and his team reveal the secrets behind the video. What was the idea behind the video of Not Alone?
Ever since releasing the song for Copenhagen, Armenia has shortened with bookmakers, generated over a million views on YouTube and have been quite the fan favourite. The official video was directed by Grigor Gasparyan, a friend of Aram MP3 who has also worked on various Armenian and Russian comedy shows. Speaking about his idea for the video, Gasparyan said:

As the song is very emotional, the video accompanying it has to match certain criteria. Aram performs not only a wide diapason of vocal but also various emotions. He can really do this because he feels every word he sings. You can notice how he changes throughout singing the whole song. The greatest challenge for me was to visualize this dramatics. I think our team managed to do so by bringing together Aram and professional actors.

The idea was also to reflect the message of the song in the video. Two loved ones get into a fight and leave each other. At the end of the video, we can see the couple coming together again. One of the two main characters in the video is played by Diana Malenko, a famous Armenian actress. So far, she had always refused to do commercials and music videos, but she felt Not Alone was the right time to star in a music video for the first time.
Aram MP3 himself also spoke about the artificial rainy conditions in which they were shooting the video. The shooting took all day, which caused Aram to be worried about the actors, but later realised it helped in the video:

The water of artificial rain was rather cold. At first I was concerned about the working conditions of actors, but later realized that it just contributed to the naturalism of the warming kiss. I think actors tried their best to warm themselves up and the kiss turned out to be very touching indeed.

You can watch a few pictures from the video shooting below!
You can watch the official video for Not Alone below!

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