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Rehearsal calendar revealed

The EBU have revealed the calendar of rehearsals for this year’s contest. Contestants for semi one will kick off on 28 April and for the first three days all contestants in the semifinals will go on stage for the first time. 1 May will be a day off (Labour day) and then 2 May will have a full run of the first semifinal and 3 May a full run of the second. The Big 5 +Denmark will take on stage on Sunday 3 May, starting with Germany, followed by the UK, France, Denmark, Italy and Spain. That day will kick off with a press conference with the hosts. Monday 5 May will see the first two dress rehearsals for semifinal 1, and on 6 May we will have the third rehearsal and the live show. The following day the 6 pre+qualified will take on stage again for the morning run, and the first two dress rehearsals for semi 2 will take place in the afternoon/evening. The last Thursday will feature the third and last dress rehearsal for semifinal 2 and the live show. Friday 9 May will have dress rehearsals 1 and 2 for the Grand Final and on Saturday we’ll have the third and last rehearsal of the year, followed by the Grand Final.
Each of the semifinals is scheduled to run for 2 hours, whilst the final is scheduled to run for 3.5 hours.
As it happened last year, each country’s first rehearsal will be closed to the press in the arena, but can be followed from the press centre. First dress rehearsals are open to fans and press.
Click here for a full copy of the schedule.

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