Eurovision in Concert in short

Eurovision fans were treated to a packed show last night at Amsterdam’s  Melkweg, hosted by Cornald Maas and Dutch Eurovision veteran Sandra Reemer. As an opportunity to see most of Copenhagen’s artists perform with live vocals, there are usually a few interesting pointers ahead of May. A photo album is up on our facebook page and performance videos will be on our youtube channel. Here’s a snapshot view of our team on the ground at Melkweg:
Simon: Smooth performance. He’s a decent showman.
Rodrigo: He is extremely charismatic.
San Marino
Simon: Confident performance, but doesn’t leave much of an impression.
Rodrigo: Great voice.
Simon: Love or loathe this, the boys do work the stage well. Very energetic.
Rodrigo: Potential last place!
Simon: She can sure sing, microphone barely needed.
Rodrigo: I don’t remember the performance.
Simon: Beautiful tone and lovely clarity to the voice, but something needed in the presentation.
Rodrigo: She was vocally good but it wasn’t memorable.
Simon: One of those that’s much better live than recorded.
Rodrigo: He’s very charismatic, the song is memorable, I love it.
Simon: Classy. Pulled ear monitor out due to sound problems but didn’t faze her whatsoever. Vocals not perfect.
Rodrigo: Classy, but need to work on her vocals, in parts.
Simon: Only two of them here tonight but confidently done.
Rodrigo: Surprising good!
Simon: In traditional Ukrainian style, this entry, originally a messy box of frogs, is coming together rather tidily.
Rodrigo: She can really sing except when pulled up by her feet, but surely this will be staged great and will do well.
Simon: No vocal issues, but does it work as a performance?..
Rodrigo: I reserve my comment.
Simon: My pre-bubble favourite from studio versions, and I wasn’t disappointed by the live performance.
Rodrigo: Greatly impressed, comes across really well. One to watch, potential dark horse.
Simon: Crazy lady, crazy performance. All in a good way.
Rodrigo: Love her glasses. Love the performance. Love her. Love the song.
Simon: Impressive live vocals on the night.
Rodrigo: Does it really last for only three minutes (to Earth)?
Simon: Slick. He’s very tall!
Rodrigo: Remarkable performance but he should buy a jacket in his own size.
Simon: better live than recorded, not my thing but ticks the boxes.
Rodrigo: great energy, brilliant performance, potential winner.
Angela Merkel: another 12 points for Greece? We’re not ending austerity soon, are we?
Simon: Big voice, big hands. I think it needs an ‘act’ though.
Rodrigo: Loses a lot in the live performance. Not as strong as you would think for such a “clear favourite”.
Simon: Impressively powerful voice. But I still struggle.
Rodrigo: Oh God (not in the good way).
Simon: Her tuning is great but there was waay too much echo on this and her vocal was turned too high.
Rodrigo: Whether it was the sound or her, the performance didn’t come across too well.
Simon: A beautiful song gets the vocal performance it deserves, but it left me wanting something.
Rodrigo: She carries him throughout the song. Need a lot of work if they want to qualify.
Simon: Right vocals, wrong dress.
Rodrigo: I actually quite liked it! What was she wearing?
Simon: See ‘Albania’.
Rodrigo: Sober, great vocals. Very heartfelt.
Simon: Pure ibero-pop eurotrash went down a storm with the fans. Suzy throws some shapes.
Rodrigo: Amazing vocals, good fun. But this is not 2000.
Simon: Conchita went down an even bigger storm. Huge responses as expected from Eurofans, but it was a strong vocal too.
Rodrigo: Absolutely fabulous.
Simon: Even though most artists’ lead vocals were too high in the mix, Ruth didn’t sound shouty as I expected. Very good.
Rodrigo: Made everyone else look like an amateur.
Simon: See ‘France’.
Rodrigo: Good fun; might pull a back-to-back.
Aoife: A very enjoyable show; a great atmosphere in Welkweg with a huge variety of performances! Great audience and artist connection. The stand-outs for me were definitely France, Greece and I must say, Latvia’s little Dutch jam after Cake To Bake! Great night!

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