Tajči releases “Keep Your Head Up”

Tajči, who represented Yugoslavia in the Eurovision Song Contest 1990, has returned to the pop music scene with a new single in February. It’s called Keep Your Head Up.
The video for Keep Your Head Up was filmed on the coast of Croatia, including the Dubrovnik city walls. It was produced by Tajči and her husband, Matthew Cameron. The director of the video was Will Benson. The song is included on her latest album, Awaken.
Furthermore, Tajči released her own video show, called Tajči on Tuesdays, where she talks about the things that are going on in her life. On 6 May, she will do a special Eurovision episode of her video show, where she will also talk about her own participation with Hajde Da Ludujemo, the song she came seventh with for Yugoslavia in the Eurovision Song Contest 1990.
You can watch the video for Keep Your Head Up below!

Nick van Lith

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