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Jury members announced

Just now, EBU have revealed all 185 jury member names for the participating countries this year. Every country will have five jury members.
The names can be found in the PDF file EBU released, which can be found by clicking here. Some of the jury members are quite familiar. You can find those in the list below:

  • Armenia: Inga & Anush – both 2009 entrants for Armenia are part of the jury.
  • Austria: Stella Jones – 1995 entrant for Austria
  • Azerbaijan: Nigar Jamal – 2011 Eurovision winner
  • Belgium: Laura van den Bruel – 2012 entrant for Belgium as Iris
  • Denmark: Lise Cabble – winning composer of Eurovision 2013
  • Germany: Madeline Juno – national final entrant in 2014
  • Iceland: Yohanna – 2009 runner-up in Eurovision
  • Ireland: Liam Reilly – 1990 Eurovision entrant & Charlie McGettigan – 1994 Eurovision winner
  • Moldova: Nelly Ciobanu – 2009 Moldovan entrant
  • Montenegro: Stefan Filipovic – 2008 Montenegrin entrant
  • Poland: Magdalena Tul – 2011 Polish entrant & Mieczyslaw Szczesniak – 1999 Polish entrant
  • Portugal: Jan van Dijck – composer of the 1990 Portuguese entry and composer of this year’s 3rd place in FdC
  • Sweden: Oscar Zia – participant in Melodifestivalen 2014
  • Switzerland: Ivan Broggini – one half of Sinplus, who represented Switzerland in 2012
  • The Netherlands: Ruth Jacott – 1993 entrant & Marleen Sahupala – 1999 entrant
  • United Kingdom: Caroline (Carrie) Grant – one half of the 1983 UK entry

Publishing the names on 1 May is part of the new rules around the jury vote in Eurovision. The new rules were implemented after last year’s irregularities.

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