Our Friends review the Entries – Part 5

s fans of the Eurovision Song Contest, you’ve probably heard the entries more than once by now. Every year, some songs get called growers, but what is the reaction of people who don’t watch the songs before the contest? How do they react when they see the songs for the first time? We’re looking for the true showers here.
That is why the escXtra Team has decided to ask five of our friends, who are not into Eurovision at all, to review a part of the songs of this year’s Eurovision. The fifth in these series is Regan, Nathan’s sister. She’s an art student and a fan of rock music, with some pop crossover, in her view, being acceptable.
DenmarkDenmark: Basim – Cliche Love Song
Well this isn’t bad, the sound of the song and the artist himself remind me of Bruno Mars. It does appear that he’s managed to run out of words though… Skuba duba die – what even is that?
GermanyGermany: Elaiza – Is It Right
The lead vocalist here sounds to me a little bit like P!nk but the sound of the song is very typically German – I can hear the accordion in the instrumentation – it’s okay but not my cup of tea really.
SpainSpain: Ruth Lorenzo – Dancing In The Rain
I remember Ruth from The X Factor and she was always a very good singer but this song I find is a little bit too ‘ballady’ for my tastes. Really it’s average, meh.
ItalyItaly: Emma – La Mia Città
Oh yeah, alright. This is more like it really. I wonder if it would be better with a bit of English in it so that more people could understand the message. It’s a good alternative rock song with a pop twist.
FranceFrance: Twin Twin – Moustache
Here’s an idea, grow a moustache or buy one. Actually, you could shave your ridiculous hair and use that instead. No, no, no, no, no! Turn it off. It’s horrific – it’s about a moustache?! I just can’t get into this and I don’t think it’s catchy whatsoever.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom: Molly – Children of the Universe
Hmm, well we’re not gonna win with that one, I don’t think. There’d be more chance with Scooch! I think it’s boring and dull. I just don’t think people will maintain interest unless a ballad is just brilliant. This is not.
We would just like thank Regan for sharing her opinions and furthermore, to state that these opinions are that of Regan herself, and not of everyone at escXtra. Feel free to give your own opinion in the comments below!

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