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Mariya Yaremchuk: Proud to be Ukrainian

On Thursday, 1 May, the Eurovision circus had a day off. The Ukrainian representative Mariya Yaremchuk decided to use her time in Copenhagen to show her love for her country.  She and her delegation also met up with another Eurovision contestant.
The day started off at the Happy Wall in Copenhagen: a special wall where people can show their special messages to anyone interested. Mariya and her team put up a text saying ‘Proud to be Ukrainian’, referring to recent events in the country. You can see pictures from that in our gallery below.
The day continued with a meeting with another Eurovision contestant: Mariya met the Georgian entrants, The Shin and Mariko. Together they took a boat trip through Copenhagen, also exchanging some local foods. After that, Mariya took over the wheel of the boat and encouraged everyone who survived the trip to vote for Ukraine.
There were many ways to spend the day off in Denmark, as you may have seen from our own XtraCPH video with Rodrigo on the Copenhagen streets. Mariya showed us how she spent the day!

Nick van Lith

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