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Eurostars Review 2014 – Katrina Leskanich

With the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 being only a few hours away, is going to continue our series of Eurostars Reviews. This time, one of the most beloved winners of the contest will tell you what she thinks. She won the contest back in 1997 with Love Shine A Light, an anthem to many: it’s Katrina Leskanich!
In the last of our series, we’re bringing you a bonus. A while ago, we asked her to review the ten countries who, at that moment, made up the top 10 with bookmakers. Things have changed since, but here is what Katrina thought about them!

ArmeniaArmenia: Aram MP3 – Not Alone
Wow.  Heavy.  Polished. Could be a very dramatic moment when this is performed on the night. It has the goosebump effect but maybe a tad too serious for Eurovision.
SwedenSweden: Sanna Nielsen – Undo
Very strong song.  I know that chorus is going to stay with me all day. Sanna is a great singer in the Celine Dion mould and hey, Celine did alright.  Maybe again, a bit serious. Key changes galore, that’s what we want. Could win.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom: Molly – Children of the Universe
Super uplifting with a great sing along chorus.  Should be a nice moment in the arena when Molly gets the crowd to sing the whoa oh bit.  It’s a good production job and kept interesting by original back up singers parts.  It should feel like a breath of fresh air after listening to so many dreary ballads.
DenmarkDenmark: Basim – Cliche Love Song
I just don’t see this at all and never would have thought it could take the whole competition by any means.  I am the wrong demographic for a song like this for a start.  I was told the kids love it so I will bow to their superior judgment.
NorwayNorway: Carl Espen – Silent Storm
Really?  I don’t see this bringing the house down.  Not a drum in sight and not much of a beat for when they being on the dancing girls.  OK…..everybody sing along now!!!!!  Why aren’t you singing?
HungaryHungary: András Kállay-Saunders – Running
I gather from watching the video of this, the true meaning behind the lyrics which was quite a revelation. It’s a strong song with a very serious message that some people are going to find difficult. It has a good chorus but it’s not an obvious choice for Eurovision.
UkraineUkraine: Mariya Yaremchuk – Tick Tock
This seems really old fashioned to me with a hint of You Spin Me Round to boot.  Again, it might be a well needed break from dreary ballads but it’s just an also ran with not a lot going for it.
AzerbaijanAzerbaijan: Dilara Kazimova – Start A Fire
Another really dreary song.  Ok, in any other context this would be a great meaningful song but I just don’t want to hear about pulling burning bullets from my chest…….not tonight……not on Eurovision night.  We want to party.  For one night can we not just forget all that and party? Too many people trying to get an important career out of Eurovision instead of delivering something appropriate for the occasion.
BelgiumBelgium: Axel Hirsoux – Mother
This will probably do very well.  He’s memorable and I have seen people weep over this one. It’s not for me though.  This batch of songs are steeped in sentimentality and angst and not really the joyful buzz I am yearning for.
RomaniaRomania: Paula Seling & OVI – Miracle
Mind those pyrotechnics!  Old school.  Kinda stops and starts too much and the old well worn It’s a Miracle theme probably won’t hurt them on the night and will again be relief from depressing ballads.  Key change is one of the most interesting I have heard.  Little impromptu tinkle on the piano quite amusing.  Where’s the kettle drum then?
We would just like thank Katrina for sharing her opinions and furthermore, to state that these opinions are that of Katrina herself, and not of everyone at escXtra. Feel free to give your own opinion in the comments below! You can follow Katrina on Twitter (@KatrinasWeb) or like her Facebook page here. Thank you for following these series!

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