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From a legend to a star in the making. Cher stands up for Conchita

Pop legend, Cher, has given two pieces of advice to Conchita Wurst, the winner of Eurovision 2014. She thinks the Austrian needs a better name and wig, but clarified that this is not meant to be criticism and that she admires her resolve.
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But it did not end there. Cher continued to talk about Conchita or, in the case of her next tweet, Tom, sympathising with the tears she imagines he must have shed trying to stay true to himself and admires him for staying true to himself and achieving his dream… on his terms.
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She shared some of her past experience and pain, when her and Sonny were called names, hit and thrown out of places simply for looking different and were thrown out of plenty of places simply because of this. Seems, though, that what triggered all this were a couple of friends of her making fun of Conchita, so even though she recognises she didn’t watch Eurovision, she felt that she needed to stand up for her and speak back to her friends. She crowned this series of tweets by adding that the way someone looks is not a threat.
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My biggest respect for Cher, giving advice and standing up for someone with whom she seems to feel somewhat identified for whatever reason. I can’t help but repeat and subscribe to her words. The way someone looks is not a threat.

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