Donatan & Cleo release Slavica

Polish Eurovision stars Donatan & Cleo have today released a new single, ‘Slavica’.
The new single, which follows a similar style to My Słowiane and in fact borrows some of the lyrics from it, was described by Donatan as “combining modernity with tradition”.
The duo were rewarded by televoters in Saturday’s Grand Final, but ultimately had to settle for 14th place after the jury vote was added. Nevertheless, this was still the country’s best placing since 2003.
You can watch the video for Slavica below.

Micheál Linden

Eurovision has entrenched itself in my life for as long as I can remember. I tweet a lot about Emma Muscat, Portugal and the fact that I'm from the country with the most ESC wins (ole, ole, ole). I have a tendency to get locked in a bathroom against my will.

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