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Ruth Lorenzo receives Eurovision dress as gift

After an appearance in ‘Hable con ellas‘ a TV show broadcast by the private channel Tele5, Ruth Lorenzo received the dress she wore for Eurovision as a gift. During her stay in Copenhagen there were rumours about how much she had spent in the new dress (it was said it had cost approximately €2,000), which she spoke about during a press conference. She explained that it had been a loan by the designer and the only expense they did was for the dress to be fitted to her. She also said that the designer had promised to give her the dress for free if she won the contest. After Conchita’s victory Ruth had to give the dress back, but now she has received it as a surprise.

During the show, wearing the dress, Ruth sang an acoustic version of ‘Dancing In The Rain‘, which you can see below:

There was also talk about the similarities between Conchita and Ruth. Ruth said that but for the facial hair they are very similar. As an anecdote, Ruth said that after her performance Conchita came to her to confess that

you are everything I have ever wanted to be

It is no secret for anyone that Ruth and Conchita clicked from the moment they met and every time they bumped into each other during their promo tours or in Copenhagen they ended up having long chats. Ruth said that both of them are going to Los Angeles, where she expects that they will hang out “like sisters”. Further, Ruth confirmed that she wants to return to the contest in three years, but that before that she expects to have time to release her album ‘Planeta Azul’ and tour both Spain and South America. She said that when she comes back in 2017 she will not be worried about her result but rather will be focused on “making an impression”; she also insisted in all the positive things about the contest.

Ruth Lorenzo represented Spain in Copenhagen, ending 10th with 74 points, Spain’s best position in the last ten years (which Ramón (2004) and Pastora Soler (2012) also achieved).

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