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Vilija wins the Barbara Dex Award

The traditional Barbara Dex Award for the worst outfit of the Eurovision Song Contest has been won by Lithuania’s Vilija. Her black and blue leather/rubber outfit managed to get 311 votes, with the runner-up only receiving 90 votes.
Vilija is the successor of contestants such as Serbian girl group Moje 3, Albania’s Rona Nishliu and Ukraine’s Verka Serduchka. The runner-up this year was a tie between Moldova’s Cristina Scarlat in her robot/knight uniform and the Roman Empire style Italy’s Emma chose.
The full top 10 can be found below:
1. Vilija (Lithuania) – 311 votes
2. Emma (Italy) – 90 votes
2. Cristina Scarlat (Moldova) – 90 votes
4. The Shin & Mariko (Georgia) – 76 votes
5. Hersi (Albania) – 64 votes
6. Twin Twin (France) – 56 votes
7. Can-Linn ft. Kasey Smith (Ireland) – 52 votes
7. Tijana (FYR Macedonia) – 52 votes
9.  Donatan & Cleo (Poland) – 40 votes
10. Elaiza (Germany) – 30 votes

Nick van Lith

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