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Suzy: I’d do it again… with a big ballad

A fan favourite throughout the Eurovision season, Suzy’s Eurovision experience was stymied at the semifinal stage with a frustrating single point gap between herself and the tenth qualifying spot. Suzy has, however, not moved out of the public eye. Namechecked along with Ruth Lorenzo by Conchita Wurst as one of Eurovision’s “three divas” in the winner’s press conference, today she spoke to Portugal’s ‘TV Guia’ television listings magazine and declared that she would be releasing an album this year.

 “I’m already working on an album that will launch towards the end of the year. It has to be a project that works internationally, so we have already planned showcases into Europe for June and July!”
 There are no clues yet as to whether Eurovision’s “three divas” will collaborate at any point, but Suzy has said that a duet with an international artist is on the cards. The public will also have to wait to hear of the general musical style of Suzy’s debut album, and whether “Quero ser tua” is representative of her intended style. Adoption of a particular style for the album is described as at an “embryonic stage”.
In regard to her Eurovision experience, Suzy stated that her three minutes on stage were the most fantastic she had had, and that she wished to extend it to a full concert. Perhaps Portugal’s Eurovision singer will be featuring some power ballads on her album, as she also revealed that she has not lost passion for the contest and would consider making a bid in future years, but perhaps with a rather different style of song:
“I’d love to represent my country again and live another magnificent three minutes on the Eurovision stage. But I’d maybe go with a big ballad, such as Pastora Soler’s ‘Quedate conmigo’.”
Suzy had been showing off her vocal skills by performing ‘Quedate conmigo’ at various Eurovision events; alongside other uptempo past entries. The Eurovision world may well have not yet seen the last of Suzy!

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