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Responses from broadcasters regarding participation

Now that the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 has come to an end, decided it was time to have a look at next year. Who will be there in Austria? We contacted all broadcasters and can now bring you the first part of the responses.
First of all, the winner of the first contest will be there for the 60th anniversary. Switzerland’s broadcaster SRF told us they’d definitely be going to Austria next year.
Secondly, the United Kingdom has more or less confirmed participation. In an e-mail to us they stated:

We want to restore our winning ways!!

A number of other countries has also confirmed participation, being hosts Austria and both Finland and Sweden, who have announced to keep UMK and Melodifestivalen as their selection procedures. Also Armenia and Ireland have confirmed participation.
Andorran broadcaster RTVA has said they will not go to Austria. Furthermore, we can also tell you that, even though it’s not surprising, Czech Republic will most likely not return to the contest. Kamila Kaislerova told us:

It is unlikely to return to the Eurovision Song Contest due bad interest of viewers.

Some other countries have not yet given their final word on participation in Austria. San Marino will probably decide soon, both Italy and Slovenia will wait until the Autumn to decide. Poland and Romania have not given a final date yet. Interestingly, three countries who were not in Copenhagen have not yet taken a decision on 2015. First of all, that’s Cyprus, who are rumoured to be making a comeback, but have not decided. Secondly, also Bosnia-Herzegovina has not made the decision yet. Interestingly, also Monaco has not given a final decision on Eurovision 2015 after being in Eurovision for the last time back in 2006. will be keeping you updated on the responses we receive from broadcasters regarding the Eurovision Song Contest 2015!

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