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Conchita: “I have to set this clear… it’s not official”

Whilst in the UK ahead of her appearance tonight at Heaven, in London, Conchita Wurst appeared on Friday night’s edition of the dinner time magazine television programme, The One Show, aired on BBC 1, to discuss several topics including the extreme European reactions to her win, the tour with Lady Gaga and how the character came about.
As magazine shows go, The One Show follows the book – lots of topics of public interest! Today, it so happened that Conchita Wurst joined Sophie Ellis-Bextor, who was once rumoured to be a UK participant at Eurovision, on the sofa to discuss all sorts of topics.
A few conversations were had with Conchita and we have picked out some of the important quotes below.
About the Lady Gaga story which came to light earlier this week:

“Well, I have to set this clear now because I heard [the rumours] too and I was calling my manager and I said “check your emails, what is this about? What is this?” and he said well “I’m sorry we don’t have an official…”

Upon being asked if she would support Lady Gaga on tour, Conchita replied:

Are you kidding? Of course!”

When trying to convince Sophie Ellis-Bextor that she should represent the UK at Eurovision:

It’s a fabulous idea because it’s such a glamourous event and above all, it’s so much fun.”

Talking about her life since she won:

It’s unbelievable, my life has completely changed. I have to remind myself every single day, “you actually won” and I’m like “Oh my God, I won”. I really, really can’t believe it and so many great things have happened so far. I received flowers from Elton John, Cher tweeted, you [at Sophie Ellis-Bextor] were watching!”

Discussing the beard:

First of all, I’m not the only bearded lady on the globe. In America, there are a few sisters of mine! But you know, it was a whole process. It’s like growing up, I always knew Conchita was there but I didn’t have a name for a very long time, which I’m very mad about. I just grew into the persona and in 2010 it just felt right the way it was. I tried to be blonde, short[-haired], long[-haired]; all that kind of stuff but I really wanted to show everybody that you can be whoever you want to be if you’re just happy, you know, and don’t get discriminated by living your life.”

When asked about the backlash in Russia:

Well, I don’t really focus on negativity at all because, you know, there’s nothing which brings me further [forward] by thinking about that. Actually, I have to say that when politicians, really famous ones, say that I am the reason why Europe will crush into pieces, I never received a bigger honour because they think I’m that powerful? Thank you. I don’t want to disappoint you but I’m just a drag queen.”

If you live in the United Kingdom, you can watch the show for yourself here.
If you don’t, there is a YouTube video of it currently available below:


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