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17 Signs That Eurovision Controls Your Life

Being a Eurovision fan isn’t easy, especially when you realise it determines what you do all year round. Try as much as you want, but you wont be able to deny that these seventeen things are you in a nutshell.

1. Your Facebook News Feed is basically just videos and statuses about Eurovision all year round. It’s a wonder you actually know anything about current affairs and can still function in social situations with normal people.


Source: Facebook / EBU

2. You suddenly care about everything that’s happening in the country you’re supporting in a particular year. History of Belarus: fascinating, Belarusian cuisine: the yummiest, politics in Belarus: love them!



3. Likewise, you plan your summer holidays around your personal top five – yep, always wanted to go to backpacking around Italy and Armenia, definitely not because they had good songs this year.



4. You already have a playlist on iTunes called Vienna 2015, and it’s just waiting for the sixteen minute long first-draft from Albania.


Source: Apple iTunes

5. Activities in January, February and March are all determined by when national finals take place. Greece are choosing their song on Wednesday, so can you have your birthday party the week after please? These exams will have to be rescheduled too.

Source: Calendar (Apple)

6. When watching any sort of international sport, you support the team who sent the better song in that year. This does not apply to England/UK because they’re the worst at both Eurovision and sport.

sport telegraph


7. You celebrate New Year’s Day in May.

New Year's Eve celebrations, London, Britain - 31 Dec 2012


8. You know basic Swedish because of Melodifestivalen, and awarded ‘tolv poäng’ to every barman in Malmö’s Euroclub at some point rather than just saying thanks.

12 sweden

Source: SVT

9. The winning country automatically becomes your favourite place ever for the rest of the year. What? Austria? Did someone say Austria?! OMG I LOVE AUSTRIA!



10. You’re practically fluent in Hungarian because you know all the words to the breakdown in What About My Dreams. #nailedit


Source: EBU TV / NDR

11. You had no problem spending £6 for a beer in Denmark, but it’s a different question when it comes to buying essentials back home. £1.50 for a pizza? Haribo Starmix for tea then…

Source: / Tesco

12. You put more thought into deciding which country you were going to vote for in the first semi-final of 2010 than you have for any general election ever.

semi 1

Source: EBU / NRK

13. You’ve got into heated debates over whether Ace Wilder should have beaten Sanna Nielsen, and have unfriended those who disagreed with your view.


Source: / SVT

14. You have genocidal thoughts when you hear the phrase “it’s all political though, isn’t it?”


Source: 20th Century Fox

15. You have no energy or patience to explain why Israel take part in Eurovision for the fifty-eight billionth time and, as such, have resigned to replying with ‘I…I just don’t know.’


16. You’re never asked for music recommendations or allowed near any music playing device at parties because none of your friends like turbo-folk, europop or ethnic ballads.

party au


17. You are one of the very few people who know that Gina G did not win Eurovision.

gina 2

Source: BBC

Micheál Linden

Eurovision has entrenched itself in my life for as long as I can remember. I tweet a lot about Emma Muscat, Portugal and the fact that I'm from the country with the most ESC wins (ole, ole, ole). I have a tendency to get locked in a bathroom against my will.

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