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Waylon to focus on his solo career

After a week of speculation in Dutch media, one half of The Common Linnets, Waylon, has now released a statement regarding his participation in the project. Speculation started when Waylon didn’t attend a small European tour the group did this week.
During concerts and promo events in Austria and Germany, The Common Linnets consisted of Ilse DeLange, JB Meijers and Jake Etheridge. Waylon, without explanation, did not attend any of the events. This morning, he posted a long explanation on his Facebook page regarding his absence.
Waylon states that the success the duo got after Eurovision has come as a surprise to both of them. He has already postponed his album,ย Heaven after Midnight, until after Eurovision, but he cannot make any more room in his agenda in the upcoming weeks and months. He also stated that The Common Linnets is a project started by Ilse DeLange only and that she is free to do what she wants. On the commitment to the group, he said:

I would have been able and willing to make more time for The Common Linnets, if this would’ve happened based on creative equality, also abroad. Ilse and I have spoken about this for a long time, but so far we have not managed to work it out. This has nothing to do with money, but with the emotional commitment of two people in a solid formation, where we would have to put our solo careers on hold for now.

Finally, Waylon stated that he will still be part of the originally planned concert, Tuckerville, on 21 June in Enschede, The Netherlands. It seems however that that’s where his part of The Common Linnets will end. Definitely to be continued…

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