Tina Karol – Pomnyu (I Remember) album

The 2006 contest sweetheart Tina Karol from Ukraine is perhaps most remembered by the nowadays Eurovision fans for turning a forgettable pop song into show stopping vocal fireworks that was “Show Me Your Love”. Tina’s respectable 7th placing made sure that she would keep busy in her native Ukraine. Since the contest Tina Karol gained fame for her heart-breaking ballads even being awarded the Honored Artist of Ukraine title in 2009 and releasing a total of 4 albums since “Show Me Your Love”. Unfortunately, her career success did not translate into personal life. Her husband, a father of their child and longtime producer has died of stomach cancer in 2013. A documentary film about Tina’s life “The Power of  Love and Voice” was released. You can watch it here with English subtitles.

“Pomnyu” which translates as “I Remember” is a homage to her late husband with the classic Karol sound that she is known for. “Zakrili tvoi ochi” or “Your Eyes Closed” in English is an intense ballad that Tina almost cries during. As the title suggests, the song deals with death and does not require language knowledge to understand the pain behind an emotional Tina. The song after which the album is named “Pomnyu” continues the theme of losing a loved one as the lyrics go “I still remember though nothing is coming back”. A less intense midtempo number if we are to compare it to the opening track. Some great vocal towards the end here. “Beskonechnost” (“Eternity”) deals with eternal love of Tina and she gets to showcase her vocal as we remember it. “Udaljajus” (“I’m leaving”) is an acoustic ballad that is a nice break from all the intensity that preceeded the track.  “Stanu ja” (I’ll Become) is a midtempo song that deals with a need to be close to a loved one thus becoming a radio wave to get to him as fast as possible. May sound rather cheerful when you do not really understand the lyrical message. With “Ljubila” (“I Loved”) we are back to heartbreak songs. Beautiful and dramatic piece which lets Tina show her vocal power.  “Zhizn Prodolzhaetsja” (“Life Continues”) is a nice closing song of this album which is as if a symbol to what is next in life, moving on song. This one even has a video clip:

Overall this is an excellent album that keeps as aware that despite life’s challenges in Tina’s life – she is a top class performer (at least vocally). This album is, perhaps, her most intimate one and comes at the very vulnerable moment in her life which often results in best work of the entire artist’s careers. The best thing is that you can listen and download this album absolutely for free by clicking here.

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