Songs for Europe Volume 2: The 1970’s released.

The second book of Eurovision historian and journalist Gordon Roxburgh’s series exploring the history of the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest has been recently released.
The first book focused on the 50’s and 60’s and logically the second follows on from this exploring the 70’s, a period in which the way in which the UK selected it’s entry changed dramatically. It is also a time in which the UK would play host thrice and achieve their third win.
Lee Sheriden, who lived this period as a member of 1976 winners Brotherhood of Man was particularly impressed with the book stating:

“I haven’t been able to put it down. It’s excellent! Well researched and very well written. As I read, the names and faces keep coming back. I know I have a special interest – but there are many like me who will treasure such a book forever.”

Brotherhood of Man were just one of the many artists that were interviewed for the book, others include Lynsey De Paul, Cheryl Baker and Terry Bradford (Coco) and Paul Layton (New Seekers). Plus Song For Europe finalists; Tammy Jones, Eleanor Keenan, Louisa Jane White and Hazell Dean, as well as members from the following groups, Rags, The Foundations, Sunshine, Guys ‘n’ Dolls and Champagne.
Composers include Guy Fletcher, Val Avon, Stephanie de Sykes, David Mindel, Ron Roker, Wayne Bickerton and Mike Redway.
Behind the scenes personnel include Michael Hurll (1974 Director) and Terry Hughes (1972 Director), as well as spokespersons Colin Berry and Ken Bruce.
The author, Gordon Roxburgh has attended the Eurovision Song Contest since 1994 and twice served on the national selection juries, in 1979 and 1981. Roxburgh has been an editor at the official website of the Eurovision Song Contest, since 2010.
The book is available for £16.99 here and the first volume is still available here.
Stay tuned later in the week to find out how you can win a copy of Volume 2 of Songs For Europe!

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