Alexander Rybak’s New Release and Movie soundtrack feature

It’s hard to believe that it’s just over 5 years since Europe fell in love with a Fairy Tale, thanks to Alexander Rybak.
Since that night in Moscow in May 2009, the Norwegian fiddler has been busy traveling and working around the world. The sky is the limit for him as he is flying with his latest endeavor.
Most recently Alexander has been involved, for a second time, with Dreamworks Animation movie: How To Train Your Dragon. The first installment of the movie was released in 2010, with Alexander voicing the young viking, Hikken, in the Norwegian version of the film.
This July, the sequel: How To Train Your Dragon 2 will be released and not only will Alex’s speaking be used, in the Norwegian version, but also his singing.
Dreamworks are using Rybak’s newest song “Into A Fantasy”, written specifically by him for the film. It will be featured at the end of the movie as the soundtrack for the credits.
This is an exciting time for Alex as he previously had hopes of having one of his songs featured in the first movie, which unfortunately did not happen, but now it has.
Rybak has spent the past few weeks touring with the How To Train Your Dragon crew doing promotion tours, signings and interviews all around Europe, most recently including Belgium, Romania and Russia.
In May of this year the music video was recorded in Vestkapp, Norway. To see the outcome and listen to the song, click below to watch the music video of “Into A Fantasy”:

Let us know what you think of the song and the movie if you get to see it next month!

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