New Releases from Sebalter, Kállay Saunders & Freaky Fortune

Eurovision may seem like a million weeks ago but what’s certainly keeping us ticking over the summer is the vast amount of releases from Eurovision stars of past and present. In a new weekly instalment, we’ll be digging through the interweb to find new and upcoming single releases and giving you the chance to vote for the one that you liked the most.
So let’s get things going with this week’s tracks:

Sebalter – Saturday

After achieving Switzerland’s best placing since 2005, Sebalter has not wasted any time and began recording tracks for his upcoming album immediately after the contest. Today he released the second single to be taken from it, titled ‘Saturday’. The song has similar instrumentation as Hunter of Stars with an infectious violin chorus – let’s face it, we would be disappointed if it didn’t have it! Have a listen below and buy it here (Switzerland only as of 18/07)

Kállay Saunders – Juliet

Another artist that achieved great success in this year’s contest was Kállay who finished 5th place for Hungary with Running. He’s back with new single ‘Juliet’ which has already gone down incredibly well with his fans. If you thought Running was a bit too dark and mysterious, you’ll be pleased to hear that this one is a lot more upbeat. Listen to the song below and buy it here.

Nicolas Costa & Freaky Fortune – In A World Without You

Now even though Nicolas Costa didn’t feature on stage in Copenhagen, Freaky Fortune lay down the vocals in this track titled “In A World Without You”. The Freaky Fortune boys are well and truly suited to this style of music, just like Rise Up – this is very mainstream and would get clubs across Europe going wild.

If you listened to all three songs above, let us know which one was your favourite by voting in the poll below!

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