New Releases from Tanja, maNga & Tim Schou

It’s time for us to feature three more new releases from Eurovision artists, but before we do that we must congratulate Sebalter on winning last week’s poll, receiving 69% of votes for his new single Saturday, followed by Kállay Saunders with 18% and Nicolas Costa/Freaky Fortune closely behind with 13%.
This week we have new releases from Tanja (Estonia 2014), maNga (Turkey 2010) and Tim Schou – lead vocalist of A Friend in London (Denmark 2011).
Tanja – Forevermore She represented Estonia this year with Amazing and while it not’s easy to forget that Tanja failed to qualify, she’s moved on from it fast and is back with a brand new single. Some elements of the song have similarities to her Eurovision entry, a summer dance track fit for clubs across Europe.  The single is available to buy now via iTunes and thankfully, its available to download in all regions.

maNga – Parti Cast your minds back four years to 2010, when Turkey were comfortably involved in the contest. They represented the country and gave Turkey their 2nd best placing to date with We Could Be The Same.  Earlier this year they returned to the Turkish music scene with a brand new album and have most recently released new single Parti.  Now, if you’re expecting a full on rock track, you’ll need to have some patience – whilst Parti does contain rock elements, it builds slowly with the electric guitars making an entrance halfway through.  You can buy the single from maNga’s album via iTunes here.

Tim Schou – Supernova You’ll probably recognize Tim Schou fairly instantly, he was the lead vocalist of A Friend In London – the band that represented Denmark in 2011 and finished fifth place with ‘New Tomorrow’ .  Sadly A Friend In London disbanded earlier this year and Tim Schou has gone solo. ‘Supernova’ is the title of his new single and this mid-tempo number is both sweet and a joy to listen to.   It’s available to buy globally through iTunes here.

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