Vienna 2015

Geared for spectacular return

After a year of absence, Cyprus will be back in Austria and they’re going big. They are well underway with their preparations and will work in collaboration with MAD TV Cyprus in order to come up with top quality shows for their national final. One thing seems to be quite clear: CyBC is planning a spectacular national selection to choose its entry for Austria next year.

The format of the competition will start with televised auditions, live semi-finals (although the number remains unclear), a second chance show and, finally, a grand final to select the successor of Despina Olympiou.
As part of the rueles, CyBC have decided that performers should be Cypriot or of Cypriot origin, but the composers and lyricists can be citizens of other countries so long as a Cypriot is involved creatively.
CyBC have started the quest for the best entries to take part in the national selection, and the deadline to submit a song will be 5 September.
For more information (in Greek) click here.

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