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Talent show to be used for Eurovision?

In the last couple of days there has been speculation about the format that TVE will use to select the Spanish representative for Vienna. After a couple of years of using a mix internally selected artists with televised shows to pick the song, TVE returned to a national final last year, when Ruth Lorenzo was chosen as their representative in Copenhagen in a nail bitting final.
During an interview in the FesTVal in Vitoria, José Ramón Díez, the new director of TVE revealed that they are considering, but is not yet confirmed, to use “The Hit – La Canción” to pick the Spanish representative for Eurovision 2015. The talent show, which will be presented by the famous Spanish host Jaime Cantizano, is an adaptation of the show of the same name started by RTE in Ireland, and the format consists of composers and songwriters submitting songs which will be performed on stage by known artists, trying to make it become “the hit”. The idea is to show the audience the origin of a hit and show that no success is possible without a good song.
In the interview, Díez said that

We are analisying the possibility to use it to choose our Eurovision entry

Spain finished in the top ten the last three times they used a talent show to select their Eurovision entries, with Rosa‘s ‘Europe’s Living A Celebration’ finishing 7th (2002), Beth‘s ‘Dime’ finishing 8th (2003) and Ramón‘s ‘Para Llenarme De Ti’ finishing 10th (2004). Since then Spain’s Eurovision luck has been close to inexistent, with the exception of two top ten finishes by Pastora Soler (2012) and, this year, Ruth Lorenzo.
The period for submission of the songs has started today by using the form that can be downloaded here.

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