Vienna 2015

RTVE confirms participation in Vienna

Spanish broadcaster RTVE have confirmed that they will participate in Vienna. Assistent Festival Manager of RTVE, Federico Llano travelled to Berlin to personally hand over the necessary files to the Executive Supervisor of Eurovision, Jon Ola Sand.
The Spanish broadcaster says on their website that they will work on finding the best act in the next few months in order to win the contest in Vienna. Nothing is confirmed as of yet: RTVE has not decided whether they’ll go for a national final or an internal selection, nor what kind of act they want.
Last year, Spain finished 10th in Copenhagen with Ruth Lorenzo and her Dancing In The Rain. Would RTVE manage to find the winning act of 2015, it would be the third Spanish victory after Massiel’s La La La in 1968 and Salomé’s Vivo Cantando a year later, who shared the victory with France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

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