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Speculations begin; who should go to Vienna?

Immediately after confirming its participation for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, numerous media and newspapers in Serbia have asked their viewers and readers to vote on who they think should represent the country in Vienna. has recently published a survey with superstars like Željko Joksimović, Jelena Karleuša and Saša Kovačević included.
After sending three newcomers to Eurovision, Serbia failed to succeed in 2013, and it seems like both, the media and the public are interested to bring back Serbia’s previous tradition back, by sending a pop star to Eurovision.
Jelena Karleuša, the Serbian superstar is currently the fan favorite to represent the country in Vienna. She is best known for her revolutionary genre in music and appearances on television. She is now known for her fashion critics and social media popularity. She recently held a concert in Belgrade with an audience of over 40,000 people, and we are definitely not surprised seeing her on top of the list.
Saša Kovačević is also a popular name on the list. Best known for his summer hits and emotional ballads, Kovacević is amongst the most popular male singers in the ex-Yugoslav territories currently.
Željko Joksimović is no stranger to the Eurovision world. He has appeared in the contest numerous times, twice as a participant, twice as a songwriter and also as the host of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. Joksimović is without a doubt, Serbia’s biggest musician to date. He was a judge on the “X Factor Adria” this year, and recently held a sold-out concert in Skopje National Stadium. His latest appearance in Eurovision was in 2012, with his hit song “Nije ljubav stvar” which ranked third in the final.
With a simple question of “Who do you want to represent Serbia in Eurovision”, 38% of the readers chose JK, followed by Sasa Kovacevic with 21%, and others.
Survey - SERBIA 2015

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