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Sympho-Nick: “We hope to represent our country in the best possible way” [Interview]

Ukrainian singers Marta Rak, Sofiia Kutsenko and Amaliia Krymska combined together to form the trio Sympho-Nick and won the right to represent their nation at the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Malta. With a few months left before they head to the island, we got the chance to speak to the girls and find out a little more about them.
X: Could you introduce yourselves for us?
Marta Rak: I am Marta Rak, I am 13 years old, I am from Novoiavorivsk town which is in Lviv region.
Sofiia Kutsenko: I am Sofiia Kutsenko, I am 12 years old and I am from Kharkiv.
Amaliia Krymska: I am Amaliia Krymska, I am 12 and I am from Simferopol.
X: How did you come together to form Sympho-Nick?
Sympho-Nick: It was our big dream to represent Ukraine on JESC and a project on the Fist National Channel Music Academy of Eurovision was the first step for our dream to come true. Therefore, we each decided to take part in it and having become a winner of it, we got the chance to be among 20 finalists of the national selection for JESC. We didn’t know each other before this project but we had heard much about each of our music actives. When we met we became the best  friends. So, when we were called the winners of the Music Academy of Eurovision we decided to form a trio.
X: Is there a fun story as to how you decided on your group name?
S-N: It was not easy for us to invent a suitable name for our trio. Mikhail Nekrasov helped out in this situation. He made an announcement in social networks and asked fans and all people who are interested in Junior Eurovision to help to find the name for the trio. There were a lot of interesting variants but Sympho-Nick was the best one. So,  our team supported it.
X: Did you consider any other names?
S-N: Yes, but this one was the best.
Sympho-Nick2X: Can you tell us what your song is about?
S-N: Our song “Spring will come” is about our wonderful beautiful and bright country with talented and sincere people living here. It’s about spring and when it comes everything awakens and comes to life. It’s about dream that you should never stop dreaming about and it will definitely come true. It’s about miracle that every citizen of our independent country can create it with their own hands and then our Ukraine will be prosperous and beautiful country.
X: What are you most looking forward to about going to Malta?
S-N: We hope to represent our country in the best possible way and show the viewers  how talented and singing our nation is. Besides, we would like to gain new experience that can be compared with nothing. And, of course, to meet new people, to make new friends and to get acquainted with our participants of this music festival
X: Now some questions to get to know you all better! Do you have a favourite Ukrainian song from either the junior or adult Eurovision?
S-N: We like songs of Sofia Tarasova and Zlata Ognevich.
X: Aside from being a singer, what else would you like to be when you grow up?
Marta: I’d like to become a singer very much but I consider the opportunity of becoming a model or TV presenter.
Sofiia: I’d like to dedicate my life to something creative.
Amaliia: I’d like to be an actress or TV presenter and host some TV shows.
X: If you could have any animal in the world as a pet, what would you have?
M: I like small fish very much.
S: I have a pet at home, it’s a dog named Danny and a cat Murchik. The whole family love them very much
A: I have two dogs. German Shepherd named Taison and a small Bolognese dog.
X: What is your favourite food?
M: I like dumplings (varenyky – traditional Ukrainian dish) most of all.
S: I like veal steak and pasta with seafood.
A:I like baked potato and chicken kebab.
X: What is your favourite colour?
M: I like mostly light colours, bright and warm colours.
S: I like coral colour.
A: I like turquoise.
X: Who is your favourite singer or band?
M: Ani Lorak, Sofiia Rotaru, Beyonce, Whitney Houston.
S: Ukrainian band “Okean Elzy”, Celine Dion.
A: Christina Aguilera.
X: What are your favourite subjects in school?
M: I am an A-grade pupil at school and my favourite subjects are English, Ukrainian and also literature.
S: Chemistry, music, drawing, literature.
A: Geography.
And now the girls have prepared a special message for you, the viewers of escXtra.com:

On behalf of all of us here at escXtra.com, we’d like to thank Marta, Sofiia and Amaliia for their time and wish them the best of luck with at Junior Eurovision along with whatever comes next. Check out their song ‘Pryyde Vesna’ below!

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