Tarmo Leinatamm (Estonia 96, 97 & 08) passes away.

Estonian comedian, politician, conductor and entertainer Tarmo Leinatamm has passed away after a battle with cancer, aged 57.
Leinatamm is probably best known to the Eurovision world as one third of the band Kresiraadio who somewhat controversially represented Estonia at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest with their mixed language entry ‘Leto Svet’. Kresiraadio finished 18th out of 19 songs gaining only 8 points. He was also a co-writer of the song.
However he was also a part of Estonian success at Eurovision, as a conductor to both the 1996 and 1997 Estonian entries which finished 5th and 8th respectively, and indeed was a conductor for the Tallinn Philharmonic between 1994 and 2002.
Leinatamm also served as a member of the Estonian parliament between 1995 and 2002 and then as a member of the Tallinn City Council between 2003 and 2007 and acted in a number of stage musicals during this time.
He is survived by a wife and two children. Rest in peace Tarmo Leinatamm.

Liam Clark

I am a founding editor of escXtra who now works as a member of the Estonian Delegation's Press Team. Even though my Xtra days are behind me, I still like writing the odd piece here and there. P.S vote for Estonia 😘 🇪🇪 ❤️

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