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Over 200 Submissions received

RTE have today announced that they have received over 200 entries for next year’s Eurosong, one month after announcing a return to a public selection process.
A spokesperson for the broadcaster revealed to the Irish Independent that well over 200 songs had been received from members of the public by yesterday’s closing date. Those interested in taking part were asked to submit an original song, performer and any potential staging/performance details.
In recent years, RTE had nominated music and entertainment professionals to find and select an act who they felt were suitable enough to represent the country in the contest. After some disappointing results in the past two years, the broadcaster decided to review the formula and opted to return to an open public call for songs.
Although the selection method is open to anyone, some famous names are rumoured to have submitted an entry. Former UK X Factor contestant Mary Byrne has all but confirmed that she has entered, with a song composed by Eurosong veteran Karl Broderick. Also rumoured to have entered the selection are previous representatives Jedward and Ryan Dolan.
RTE are expected to select and announce a short-list in the coming months.

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