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Selection format remains the same

Lithuanian broadcaster LRT has announced the rules of the national selection for 2015 today. Much like last year, the format will stay similar. 12 artists will be competing with 12 songs in a 10-week marathon, the first 2 of which will be dedicated to Lithuanian songs and World hits. The song shall be decided on February 14th while the singer will be selected on February 21st. The selection will useย a 50/50 jury and televote mix through the competition. The deadline to enter is December 15th.
There a 2 main differences this year. The first is that only Lithuanian citizens or those with permanent residence are allowed to perform. The songwriters from abroad are allowed to enter. Another difference is the right for the artist to keep the entered song for themselves until the end unless they are eliminated while the song advances. In such event, LRT would ask the artist to allow the song to compete further. In the event the song reaches the final, the artist is expected to allow all finalists to perform it.
For full set of rules and deadlines, please click here.
It is yet to be seen whether Vilija’s successor would be able to do better than 11th in the semifinal. 2014 was the first time Lithuania has missed the final since 2010.


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