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The Songs That Didn’t – 2014 in Review [Part 5]

Things are hotting up as we get closer to the start of the proceedings for Eurovision 2015, but before that, let’s tie up some loose ends from 2014 and have another look back at those songs that got left behind that we can’t help but wonder about. Once again it’s Peter Dunwoody’s turn to tell us about songs he thinks should have made it to Copenhagen, as we look at the selections from Iceland, Romania, Spain and Ukraine.
NeAngely – Courageous
So yes, here we are, back in the realms of danceable, predictable, schlager-infused pop. Scoff all you like, call it a cliché, but it does have a place at Eurovision and this year that place was just not filled. I loved ‘Tick Tock’ but at the time this would have been my choice for Ukraine; it was the first national final song of the season to really get me excited about the Eurovision year ahead, and when I heard that Conchita Wurst was heading to Copenhagen, I wanted her to enter with something like this – although obviously that was before we knew what we know now!

Greta Mjöll Samúelsdóttir – Eftir Eitt Lag
Well, you learn something new every day – apparently this girl was on the Icelandic national women’s soccerball team, making 28 appearances (or caps or badges or whatever the proper term is). Anyway, as much fun as ‘No Prejudice’ was, I thought there were several better songs on offer in the Icelandic selection, and I was gunning for this folky little cut. I like the whole quirky female pop thing if it’s cute and a bit subtle, which this is, and I think it would have attracted a lot of votes from casual viewers and juries at the contest proper.
Jorge Gonzalez – Aunque Se Acabe El Mundo
Eurovision just wouldn’t be Eurovision without some hysterical fan wars, and the Spanish national final this year gave us one of those with Brequette in the red corner and Ruth Lorenzo in the blue corner. Ruth’s ‘Dancing in the Rain’ won out in the end and deservedly so, but ‘Run’ by Brequette is seen as one of the great missed opportunities of the national final season by many. My pick of the Spanish crop however is this catchy piece of summery pop. It’s plucked right from summer 20o3, but it’s just the kind of thing I’d want as part of my BBQ / holiday poolside soundtrack.
Anca Florescu – Hearts Collide
Every year there is a song that fails to make the cut and retrospectively gets elevated to legendary status among fans. “Oh what could have been if the national final hadn’t been a blatant fix” is a common cry, along with “they let a potential winner slip through the net there.” This year, ‘Hearts Collide’ seems to have become that song. OK so ‘Miracle’ wasn’t spectacular as a song, but I like Paula and Ovi, and I like it when artists from the past return – it gives the contest a sense of continuity – so I was pleased with Romania’s choice. I’m choosing ‘Hearts Collide’ as my song that didn’t for Romania because it’s a catchy enough song from an incredibly weak field, but don’t assume that I’m subscribing to the #Justice4Anca brigade!

Do you agree with Peter, or has he missed out some crucial songs that could have gone big at Eurovision? Be sure to tell us in the comments below, and come back next week for the final installment of our look back at the 2014 national finals.

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