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Trijntje Oosterhuis selected for Vienna?

Following last week’s rumours about the Dutch representative for Vienna, a new chapter can now be added. According to several sources, Trijntje Oosterhuis has been selected to fly the Dutch flag at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015.
The primary source for the news is Trijntje Oosterhuis’s good friend and colleague Anouk, who represented The Netherlands in 2013. During the TV show College Tour, Anouk stated that Trijntje Oosterhuis would be a good choice for Vienna, followed by a statement that she’s such a terrible liar, indicating that she knows more than the rest of the country. Anouk would also write the song for Oosterhuis, like she did for her last album, Wrecks We Adore.
Meanwhile, the primary news agency in The Netherlands, ANP, has also reported that Trijntje Oosterhuis will go to Vienna, claiming other, anonymous sources have also confirmed the news. However, the Dutch broadcaster AvroTros have not yet confirmed the news. It is expected that AvroTros will confirm the news next week.
Oosterhuis was already in the list we published last week, together with Dotan and Alain Clark. Earlier today, RTL Boulevard already claimed the announcement was due.
Oosterhuis is one of the most popular artists in The Netherlands at the moment. The 41 year old rose to fame in the 1990s together with her brother in a group called Total Touch, but went solo after. She’s currently a coach on The Voice of Holland, together with Ilse DeLange, and her last album was produced and mostly written by Anouk (together with the team who also wrote Birds, Martin Gjerstad and Tore Johanson). It’s safe to say she has enough people in her environment to tell her what Eurovision is like. You can listen to Trijntje Oosterhuis’s single Knocked Out below!
An announcement from AvroTros is expected next week at the latest, but with the news possibly leaking now, the announcement may come sooner than expected.

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