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Junior Eurovision Review – Part Four

Time for the fourth part of the review series we started yesterday. As you know, nine of our editors have taken a look at all entries. Tonight we present you part four of these series: We’ll have a look at Serbia and Armenia!

SerbiaSerbia: Emilija Đonin – Svet U Mojim Očima / World In My Eyes

Danny N:
After just 30 seconds into this, I’m already won over by Emilija’s stunning vocals. The song is a slow paced ballad that fits her voice like a hand to a glove. Both musically and vocally, this isn’t forced or over the top – it flows naturally and that’s what I like. Towards the end, the song builds as the final chorus approaches and an electric guitar is added into the mix. Really liked this one, could have easily been an adult song contest entry.
Rating: 7/10

Nick van Lith:
It seems both Nebo and The Start, the last two winners, have set an example for next contestants: girls with a ballad is the way to go. I’m not all too sure about this one. It reminds me a bit of Korake Ti Znam, the Bosnian entry to Eurovision 2012 and that immediately brings me to a point of criticism: It may be a little too adult for a contest aimed at kids and teenagers. I mean, it’s a song I’m not sure many children would like. I think it will really depend on the kind of voters on the night: if a lot of adults pick up the phone, this’ll do well. An effort from Serbia that could’ve been worse, but I doubt they’re winning the competition with this.
Rating: 6.5/10

Alekas Supranavičius:
Emilija is absolutely beautiful. I hope she can carry this off live as with the right staging it could be a very nice moment. Plenty of potential, but I can see this go either way on the night.
Rating: 8/10

Dimitris Ioannou:
I can say that I usually like Balkan ballads. It sounded a bit dull to me at the begin, although Emilija’s vocals are amazing. However, as the song went on, it started getting a lot better and I think that the last chorus is the best part of the song. I’m not sure whether this will do well or not. It could be a dark horse but who knows?
Rating: 5/10

ArmeniaArmenia: Betty – People Of The Sun

Rinor Nuhiu:
“People of the Sun” is an ideal entry for this type of competition. I think Armenia has figured out the ‘winning formula’, and continues to bring colours and fun songs to the contest. I think Betty is a great performer and I can see this finish in the Top 5 easily!
Rating: 9/10

Peter Dunwoody:
This is probably the most stereotypically “Junior” song in the contest this year, and yet is also the one I would most like to see at the adult contest, so in that way it strikes a perfect balance. It’s the kind of slightly crazy ethnic R’n’B pop that I love at Eurovision and it’s so catchy and relentlessly paced. Betty isn’t the strongest performer in this year’s line-up, but as long as she has fun on stage then this should do well. Probably my favourite from this year’s crop; it’s the Sirusho Eurovision comeback that has yet to happen!
Rating: 9/10

Liam Clark:
From the first line of the song we get a sense of cheekiness and fun from Betty and this is something missing from almost all the other up-tempo entries this year. This song is a true earworm and is easily one of the most fun songs this year. I think the fact that this reminds me of a whole swathe of former Armenian entries (from both Junior and Eurovision) adds to my love of this too- it cements a fun Armenian sound and I am sold.
Rating: 9/10

Stay tuned tomorrow when we review San Marino and Russia!

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