Junior EurovisionMalta 2014

JESC 14 – 8 more acts excel on stage

The second day of rehearsals meant that another eight acts went on stage for their first rehearsal. Below is a report of each song while a special video report can be found further down that gives you a peek of today’s rehearsals.
Georgia – Lizi Japaridze – (Lizi Pop) – Happy Day
The Georgian group was the first act to rehearse on stage today. Led by the lovely Lizi. The group danced around the stage and it will clearly be their happiest day on Saturday night, if they win. The dancers were clad as music box performers and the background used for the song was very colourful and appropriate for the junior contest.
Montenegro – Maša Vujadinovic & Lejla Vulić – Budi dijete na jedan dan
The Montenegrin debutants in this contest were next on stage and they sang their happy moving song. The duo moved around the stage and there were some good steadicam shots taking place for this performance. The background was similar to that used for Cyprus, with green and purple lights mainly used for this song.
Croatia – Josie – Game over
It was time for the Croatian girl Josie who gave a flawless vocal performance. On stage she was accompanied by two boy dancers who did some acrobatic moves on stage. Josie ended her performance on the right catwalk stage and the crane camera followed her and the dancers along. Overall it was a good rehearsal with Josie interacting well with the camera.
San Marino – The Peppermints – Breaking My Heart
San Marino was next on stage and the five girls that form the group The Peppermints seemed to enjoy every minute rehearsing on the impressive stage. The background was mainly blue and looked good on the television screens. The girls moved around the stage and two of the girls used the catwalk stage.
Serbia – Emilija Djonin – Svet u mojim očima / World In My Eyes
After a one hour break, the Serbian singer Emilija took the stage for her first rehearsal. Emilija was singing behind a black piano and the background looked amazing. The backdrop was dark with lots of red rose petals. In the last part of the song, Emilija left the piano seat and walked to the centre of the stage.
Slovenia – Ula Ložar – Nisi sam / Your Light
It was time for the young and cute Slovenian girl, Ula who stood alone on stage. Ula was clad in a lovely white dress and gave a very strong performance. There were some flash lights used for this song on a blue backdrop. Unfortunately there were some technical problems going on but Ula remained highly concentrated on her stage performance.
Malta – Federica Falzon – Diamonds
Next on stage was the 11 year old Maltese soprano, Federica. There were no doubts about her vocal capabilities but this act gave us goose bumps while watching it inside the hall. Federica was situated on a circular platform and gave a strong and solid performance. The camera shots looked amazing on the television screens and it was well received by the press present. Can Malta make history in the junior contest and win it again as host nation? We’ll see on Saturday!
Belarus – Nadezhda Misyakova – Sokal (Falcon)
Nadezhda from Belarus was the last artist to rehearse today. The backdrop was very impressive and she was accompanied by four dancers who were holding a traditional instrument, kind of trumpet. The dance choreography looked very well rehearsed and overall it was a good performance by Nadezhda and her dancers.
Watch a montage of today’s rehearsals and a report from today’s school visit by Sympho-Nick (Ukraine)

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