Lidija Kocovska: “You can expect to be touched by the emotions that we will show at the stage.” [Interview]

In the build-up to the first national final of the season, Skopje Fest, spoke to one of the contestants: Lidija Kocovska! Lidija will participate with his song Sonce Niz Oblaci, together with Marijan Stojanovski. Read what she had to say below! Hey Lidija! First of all, thank you for taking the time to speak to us! How are you, such a short time before Skopje Fest?
Lidija Kocovska: Hello! 🙂 You are always welcome. It is my pleasure to answer your questions. I am good, thanks for asking …. A little bit busy with the all preparation about Skopje Fest 2014. It’s only few days until the Festival, on 12th of November, so all our time and energy have been focused on details about the performance.
X: Could you tell us something about yourself?
L: My music career started a long time ago, when I was very young, at the age of 4. My first appearance at the stage was on a childrens festival. Then, I continued attending other festivals like a teenager, so on my 13 it was my first attending at Yugoslavian (that time, and now ex) National contest for Eurovision  song in Novi Sad , together with my family like my back vocals (my parents and my sister, also musicians and great singers). We were representing TV Skopje that time. From 1990 I am regralry a part of the attendants of Skopje Fest, as well as of other domestic and International Festivals.
<strong>X: Who are your musical idols?
</strong>L: Whitney Houston, Michael Bolton, Sade…
<strong>X: The random song choice from YouTube: What can you tell us about the song <em>Dovolno Lud</em>?
</strong>L: <em>Dovolno lud</em> (Crazy enough) is a song that I was performing for a first time on Ohrid Fest  in 2000. I would explain it in two words, “volcanic energy”. I am singing it per 2-3 times on my all-night performances, because it is a favorite song of a bigger part of my audience. For now there are two versions, Macedonian - <em>Dovolno lud</em> and translated in Turkish language you can find it on youtube like <em>Deli divane</em>.
<strong>X: For Skopje Fest, you’ve teamed up with Marijan Stojanoski. How did you two start working together?
</strong>L: The idea for this duet with Marijan Stojanoski came by my very close friend and an author of the lyrics of <em>Sonce niz oblaci</em>- (Sunshine through the clouds), Maja Pavlovska, Macedonian, who live in Holland. After she wrote the lyrics, on a music of the composer, Trajce Stavrevski, she contacted me, telling me that the mail vocal would be Marijan, one of the best mail vocals in Macedonia, who has already accepted the song. I have also heard the song and immediately accepted it. We both found ourselves in the whole story and now with the great arrangement made by Ljupco Trajkovski – Fis, we have a wonderful ballad, giving us enough space to show our vocal possibilities.
<strong>X: Why do you want to go to Eurovision?
</strong>L: Each of us have a long music careers like professional musicians and we were both attending on various International festivals and also National selections for Eurosong, but we have never been a part of the main Eurovision contest. After the all experiences, we would be honoured if we have that possibility to represent our country on this great event.
<strong>X: What can we expect from your song <em>Sonce Niz Oblaci</em>?
</strong>L: You can expect to be touched by the emotions that we will show at the stage, sending the unique message through the song, HOPE in a brighter future.
<strong>X: Is Eurovision an annual event to watch for you? Are you a Eurovision fan?
</strong>L: I respect Eurovision like a great European music Festival. As I remember, from very young, Macedonia is watching the Eurovision contest, even the years when we didn
t have our representative. On each contest, there is something specific that remains in the memory of certain year, the attendants or songs, or stage…. Anyway it is a great music event and like attendant at other International Festivals many times, I guess that Eurovision Song Contest is a great place for attendants from many different countries, to get know each other better and party together.
X: Do you have an all time favourite Eurovision song?
L: Hold me now – Johnny Logan and singing Bandido – Azucar Moreno, I regularly experience the culmination at my all-night performances.
X: Finally, do you have a message for the readers of 
L: Thanks to all Eurovision fans! Blessings and always HOPE for the best! 🙂
We’d like to thank Lidija and her lyricist, Maja, for their time to answer our questions! We’d also like to wish them and Marijan the best of luck in tonight’s Skopje Fest!

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