Vienna 2015

National Final in December

With the deadline for submission of songs closely approaching in Belarus, it has now been revealed that the final will take place on 26 December. Once all songs are received, a special jury will be in charge of filtering the 15 lucky performers that will make it to the stage in Minsk to follow the steps of Teo.
In an earlier report, we informed that Belarus are this year adopting the Maltese jury format. Seven jurors will be responsible for most of the vote with the televote effectively becoming the “eighth juror”. In case of a tie break the Jury vote will be given higher weighting. It had also been reported that a list of 15 performers and 30 songs would make it to the final, so this would logically mean that each of the announced contestants would perform two songs each.
With Belarus moving their national final to December as opposed to the end of January, as it was expected, by the time 2015 comes we will already know four of the participants that in May will be fighting to succeed Conchita in the Eurovision throne.

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