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Slimmed down EMA hopes to rekindle Maja’s success

RTVSLO have today announced the details of Slovenia’s national selection for Eurovision 2015. This season, EMA will comprise just one show with a maximum of twelve songs, according to the national broadcaster’s statement. A maximum of six finalists will be chosen from an open submission procedure outlined below, in addition to six entrants that have been invited by RTVSLO.
A call for entries has been made, with submissions open from now until 21 December. An expert panel will select the six songs which are “most appropriate”. As is usual at EMA, a superfinal duel between the top two will decide who gets the ticket to Vienna. This year, RTVSLO are reverting to the process used in 2011, where jury only selected the two superfinalists and public vote only selected the winner.
Details of the regulations and submission procedure can be found via here. It specifies that finalists at EMA will be obliged to perform all lead and backing vocals live over recorded instrumental backing tracks. The final’s jury will consist of three persons who will rate each finalist out of five. Jury verdicts are to be given on the basis of “artistic impression, aesthetics, quality of production and quality of performance”. The two songs with the highest sum totals proceed to the superfinal.
The rationale behind this is that 2011 provided the Slovenians with a 13th placed finish for Maja Keuc. The last time they did better than this was in 2001 with Nuša Derenda.
Submission to EMA are to be made via the official portal here.
There has not yet been any official announcement for the date of EMA 2015.
Slovenia’s recent national final history:
2014: One final of seven acts. Public vote selected top two for ‘superfinal’. Public vote selected winner (Tinkara; 25th).
2013: Internal selection (Hannah Mancini; last in SF).
2012: Two qualifying rounds and six semifinals preceded a final of six acts. Jury and public vote selected top two for ‘superfinal’. Public vote selected winner (Eva Boto; 17th in SF).
2011: One final of ten songs. Jury vote selected top two for ‘superfinal’. Public vote selected winner (Maja Keuc; 13th).
2010: One semifinal to select 7 songs to reach the final. Final of 14 songs (including 7 preselected entries). Winner by public vote only (Ansambel Roka Žlindre and Kalamari; 16th in SF)

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