Stage fright forces Pastora Soler to put career on hold

 2014 has been a difficult year for Pastora Soler and it is coming to an end on a rather difficult note. The singer, who represented Spain in 2012, suffered an accident during a concert in March and has been suffering since. She had to cancel a number of her spring and summer concerts due to feeling vertigo and other difficulties. Towards the end of the summer she cancelled all of her concerts but two, the last ones of the tour in Málaga and Madrid. However, after about an hour of show in Málaga she had to leave the stage and her husband went on stage to apologise and explain that she was suffering from stage fright and the concert would then be cancelled.


After that, Pastora has posted the below on her official facebook page:

“I speak to you from a heart broken of pain and impotence, and this anguish that I have felt and feel and that it will take long for me to forget. As I said yesterday, respect for my public is the biggest lesson I’ve learnt in these past 20 years. I have done everything in my power to overcome this stage fright that came to my life on 8 March this year, I thought I was over it but last night I had it again in Málaga, in front of an audience to whom I owe so much and a land that I feel as my own, my strength failed again affecting even my throat… I can’t do more than thank you for your love and understanding and tell you that I no longer have strength to carry on… I should have made the decision to make a full stop in my career a few months back but my will to fight pushed me to carry on. Today I announce the decision to stop my professional activity until I recover the confidence in myself. I am sorry with all my soul. Pastora Soler.”

As a long standing fan and a ticket holder for the last concert of her tour, I am deeply sorry to see one of my idols in this state. All we can do is hope for her quick recovery and hope that she can be back in the studio and on stage, doing what she loves the most, in no time. In the meantime, all the very best from all the Euroverse to Pastora and her family in this difficult time.
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